Saturday, October 10, 2009

Powerful Blogging...


Since starting this blog I been interested in trying to improve it, regularly update it, make it more popular and increase the number of hits it receives a day. I have also taken an interest in blogging in general and have started to research different blogs and have started to realise how these free blogs, available and accessible to a majority of the world, can have a large impact on everyday life.

In truth, the first time i realised blogs could be powerful was last year at university when being told about Mayhill Fowler and her scoops in America, using the very popular Huffington Post blog website ( Here is an article from LA Times explaining what Fowler managed to do using her blog...,0,4901600.story.

But tonight I discovered a BBC article from Thursday showing how blogs in Cuba are causing a concern for it's communist run Government. In a country where only 2.1% of the population have access to the global Internet, it's impressive that ordinary Cuban citizens can cause this sort of fuss using just online blogs.

This also displays how freedom of expression can even exist in an country like Cuba and quote from the BBC article sums this up well;

"The emergence of independent bloggers is "evidence of a generation shift, a sign that even a country as isolated as Cuba is slowly moving into the 21st Century," Daniel Erikson, an expert at the Washington-based organisation Inter-American Dialogue said recently on US-based" Here's the BBC article i got this from:

As the BBC article says, these blogs have been causing a bit of a stir with the Cuban government due to people speaking their minds and beginning to question aspects of the communist state. But the power these blogs can hold is shown by the fact that a blog from the Cuban blog community GeneraciĆ³n Y ( was named as one of the best 25 blogs in the world by Time Magazine.
It's impressive stuff, feel free to post any blogs you find interesting in the comment section below. Blog on.

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