Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet


I read in the Sunday Times today that Twitter ( is set to add video to it's current social networking service.

'Video-tweeting' as it's being called, would allow users to broadcast their thoughts live via video and could prove very popular especially with regards to the number of celebrities using Twitter. Many celebrities use Twitter and have many followers and fans who follow their updates to see what they are up to. The site has also been used by footballers, such as Darren Bent, who displayed his feelings over his protracted transfer from Tottenham to Sunderland over the summer. Some of Britain's biggest Tweeters include Stephen Fry and the Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown.

I've never really used Twitter but I think the introduction of video-tweeting could tempt me to begin using as I think it offers a much more interesting option than just reading updates from friends or celebrities, sportsman or musicians I am interested in.

The site proved very popular when it first came to the forefront of social networking sites and currently has around 54 million users worldwide, every month and is reportedly hoped that the introduction of video-tweeting will keep users interested and perhaps attract more users to the site.

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