Friday, October 9, 2009

The Tories "Public School Boy" Image

David Cameron
After watching Question Time on the BBC last night and reading this morning's Times, I have started to dislike the stick The Conservatives get for their reputation of being from wealthy, public school backgrounds.

To make it clear, I didn't go to public school, I went to a State School with a shoddy reputation. But after watching the programme last night and reading the newspaper this morning I've decided that "The Tory background" is something that I 1) Don't envy them for, 2) dislike them for or 3) use against when it comes to politics.

During Question Time last night a member of the audience stood up and asked The Shadow Chancellor George Osborne how he could say that; "Britain was in this together" when he was the heir to a multi million pound fortune. I'm sorry but how does that make the slightest bit of difference? If anything, his father who owns a very successful fabric and wallpaper business will have been hit hard by the credit crunch, which is shown here:

Does this boil down to just jealousy? George Osborne's family have loads of money so he doesn't know what it's like is the usual excuse made by people. And yeah ok maybe he doesn't know what it's like to be short of money or not being able to afford things but so what? I fail to see how this would affect his role as Chancellor. His Dad has earnt the life he has and it certainly shouldn't be held against George Osborne, after all they have both lived in Britain during the recession and witnessed the effect it can have.

There was a similar tone in the The Times this morning with regards to what David and Samantha Cameron were wearing at the Conservative party conference. A lot of the papers show pictures of Samantha wearing a £65 M&S dress whilst David is wearing a £1,185 suit, I wasn't aware what they wearing had a bearing on how he would perform as Prime Minister? "Samantha Cameron may stock her wardrobe from the high street, but her husband has more lavish taste" reads the caption, did it occur to people that maybe Mrs Cameron happened to just like the dress regardless of the fact that it was "less than £100." If anything that's a good thing and demonstrates wise spending in tough economical times.

The country should give The Tories a chance by listening to their policies and ignoring all this public school boy stuff and perhaps focus on the fact that he could be a good Prime Minister. His background or Mr Osborne's background is not a reason to vote against them.

There is of course another option, slate Cameron for wearing a nice suit and vote for Gordon Brown. I know which I'd prefer.

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