Wednesday, January 20, 2010

iTrust you!

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I've picked up on another article from The Guardian's Media Monkey which is about a new iPhone app that has been designed to catch out people who check their partners mobile phones!

The application, iTrust, has been written by a man named Bob Nerberg of Oslo who has designed the application with his girlfriend. He thinks it will make relationships stronger and was quoted as saying "It's something everybody thinks about in a relationship - is my partner reading my texts and emails? Now you can be sure."

The way it works is by producing a locked dummy screen to prevent access to texts, emails or social networking accounts, and stores a record of every button pressed on the display. The owner would then be able to see what buttons had been pressed etc.

This strikes me as pretty bizarre because realistically if you've got nothing to hide from your partner, then why would you be bothered about them reading emails and texts, most of which are probably from them anyway! And if your partner is reading your texts/emails or you're reading theirs, then surely something isn't right?

I love technology, it's fantastic and is always improving our way of life by making things simpler, faster and better but I don't think this is strictly necessary! But hey, for all you iPhone users out there that want to see if their partners trust you, then this is app is probably for you! Whilst you're there though I've found some more pointless apps here, but here are my favourite three:

1) Cold Beer - "There are two kinds of people in the world: normal people, and people who like to calculate how long it'll take to get their beer to a specific temperature in the fridge. Only the first group get invited to parties."

2) MyLighter - All the fun of a Zippo lighter without the actual lighter – great for concerts! Concerts for simpletons, that is.

3)UK Payphone - You're carrying a phone. So why on earth would you pay money to find out where the nearest payphone is? This is either a surrealist prank or The Worst iPhone App Ever.

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