Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adrian in Trouble with the Fuzz....Face Fuzz that is!

Adrian Chiles
A Beardless Adrian Chiles courtesy of:

I sat and wondered during Match of the Day Two this week who the scruffy looking chap who had replaced Adrian Chiles was, then I realised it was just Adrian complete with a beard!

Now although I thought he looked a little scruffy and made a few jokes with my friends about him not making the effort for MOTD2 anymore I think I could cope if he continued to sport the face fuzz. Unfortunately though, it's not down to me, The BBC have told him to "lose" the beard as it is "inconsistent" with role on The One Show. According the Media Monkey on the Guardian website, "Adrian's bush has not gone down well" so it looks like we'll be seeing the normal Adrian Chiles back on MOTD2 from now on!

Will you be welcoming back Adrian without his beard? Or do you think it's unfair for the BBC to tell him to lose it?


  1. It was a joke, OK?

  2. Lee Dixon said...

    I think he looks like a dick..