Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winol Week 5 Critical Reflection...

So we had another week of WINOL last week and I have to say I think the overall bulletin this week took a step back as there were more errors than the previous week, however many of these were down to technical difficulties.

Once again I was very pleased with the Sport section that my team and I produced, I feel that it is perhaps the strongest part of the bulletin. Mainly because we always meet our deadlines and week on week the quality in terms of picture, sound and script quality has improved. The main reasons for these improvements is the feedback from the debriefs from our lecturers and the guest editors, as we have tried to work on the errors they have picked up on. For example, Brian asked me to work on Grant's voiceovers this week and we spent a long time (and probably a quite frustrating time for Grant) making him re-do his voice-overs until they sounded much better. I was very pleased when Brian picked up on the improvements during his debrief and I hope that I have helped Grant with his future voice-overs.

Unfortunately this bulletin was savaged by technical difficulties which affected the overall quality. We had problems with the auto cue again as well as the MAC which is used to play the VTs. So hopefully this coming week we can eradicate these problems and produce a seamless bulletin.

I feel that as a newsroom we need to make sure we are hitting 10 minutes (or under) for the bulletin as when we go over it cannot be uploaded to YouTube to go out at five. The other problem that comes with this is that a sports item is usually cut to make it go under 10 minutes, which I understand as the news is the more important section as we are a news bulletin, but I am disappointed that this has happened a few times now and hope that we can work to make it under 10 minutes so we can keep all the sports items that we have produced.

I spent the week writing news stories with the other members of my team before compiling a running order and then helping the rest of my team with their packages and suggesting improvements before we handed over to production. Unfortunately this week I wasn't available for the editor's meeting, so my deputy sports editor Tom Otrebski went in my place and I feel that Tom and I are working very well together on the editorial side of the Sport section. This week we sat down and rescripted the Sports script and links to improve them and found advice from Andy Steggall last week again helped us to produce better links.

Here are my other WINOL reflections:

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