Thursday, November 19, 2009

WINOL Goes Live! Week 3 Reflection
So this week was the week that WINOL went live for real and I have to say I think overall it was a great success! We've had an excellent response in terms of traffic to the site and to watch the news bulletin as well. I also think this news bulletin was the best we have produced so far which was great timing!!

As a sports team we decided to select stories we would cover at the end of last week so that we would be prepared and we had a really good selection of stories lined up, covering a variety of teams, sports and types. However, three of our stories fell through over the weekend due a number of reasons and come Monday it seemed like we would be short, but Tom Otrebski (deputy sports editor) and I managed to come up with a pretty decent running order in the end as we fulfilled our two minute slot pretty well which included two different sports. One thing I was disappointed about was the sound quality of our packages, this was something that I wanted to improve on from the week before but is still something we need to work on as a team and hopefully we can get it right this week.

I am very happy with the way we are working as a team due to the fact that we have been a man down for the majority of the time due to illness and we are still producing a good sports section for our bulletin. The same goes for our section of the website which I feel is a very strong part of as a whole as the sport section contains the most amount of stories and is drawing in a good number of hits, for example we get a good number of hits for our non league football coverage.

I spent most of my time this week organising my reporters and sorting out which stories we could run (especially on Monday due to losing the three over the weekend.) Once we had decided and I had sent reporters for each story I began writing more copy for the website. On the Tuesday I attended the Winchester match for which I produced the match report and then helped Grant and Arnold with their packages on the Wednesday. Tom and I wrote the sports script and links which I think were pretty strong.

Due to problems with uploading last week the bulletin was shortened to 10 minutes so had we still had the good pool of stories we started with it would've left me with some tough decisions over which stories to run as we only had 2 minutes to fill instead of 3-4! This is a challenge I look forward to over the next few weeks. We filled our sports section with a variety of sports and a variety of story types by using NIBs, a VT and a graphic which I was happy with.

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