Friday, November 20, 2009

I am a DJ Hero...

I am a DJ Hero...well at least that's how I feel after having my first taste of playing action on Activision's latest game offering, DJ Hero.

I played it for the first time on Monday night when we had a "mini" party for my house mates 21st and it is an incredible game for a party. For anybody who loves the Guitar Hero series of games (and I know a fair few people that do) this game is right up your street, bringing a fresh outlook to the Guitar Hero idea.

The game features over 100 tracks from various artists which you can scratch, cross-fade and beat match to on the DJ Hero turntable controller. It includes a wide range of genres, such as Hip Hop, Electronica, R&B, Motown, Pop and Rock to give the game a an array of mixes and artists to play with. The game also offers the opportunity for another player to use a Guitar Hero guitar controller to play alongside the DJ on some of the rock mixes - an excellent aspect for a two player mode.

I am totally and utterly useless when it comes to using musical instruments, it would be fair to say that I am musically illiterate but the Guitar Hero and now DJ Hero games give people like me a chance to pretend we're Dave Grohl or Pete Tong instead of trying (and failing) to do it for real. I mean, I'm never going to become a rock star by using a recorder am I!

Just like the Guitar Hero games, DJ Hero makes a party that little bit different and provides an all round good time! Check out this video of one of my friends being a DJ Hero...

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