Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Travel Review: Prague

I visited Prague just before Christmas and decided to take the opportunity to write a short review about the trip.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about Prague, I went with very little knowledge of the place and indeed the Czech Republic. And with the country having come out of the Communist regime 20 years ago so I was sceptical as to what the place and people would be like.

Like I said I was pleasantly surprised and found the place to very nice and indeed full of history and incredible architecture. The architecture of the area was what impressed me the most. The buildings, bridges and surrounding areas were very impressive.

In the main area of Prague there is many tourists attractions as the city if full of history and culture. This includes the Charles Bridge, which is decorated by 28 statues and stands at 520 m long and 10 m wide. It also produces some of the best views of The Vltava River and the Prague Castle at both night and day. You can see some photo's I took at the bottom of this blog!

The Prague Castle was another highlight to visit as it is where the President of the Republic currently resides and if often referred to as the political centre of the state. A huge area with many more impressive buildings including the New Palace and Royal Palace. The St. Vitus' Cathedral is in the third courtyard of the area is a fantastic building and is regarded as the most sacred place in all of the Czech lands.

Old Town Square is a hub of activity, especially during Christmas periods as it is where the Christmas market operates. It also plays host to many cafes and restaurants and is also a few minutes walk to New Town which is again full of cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. The Astronomical Clock and The Cathedral of Our Lady before Tyn and The Old Town Hall. A must visit for anybody going to Prague. Other places to visit include the Rudolfinum which plays host to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and other classical concerts and The National Theatre. Both are again superb examples of the impressive architecture in this area of Prague.

Prague was a lovely place to visit, especially considering it's a country which has only been out of Communist Rule for 20 years, but with a a big inyerest in good (and cheap) beer, good food and of course history and culture, Prague offers something for almost everybody! Check out some of my pictures below:

Enjoying a Czech Dark Beer - Krusovice
Prague Castle
View from Charles Bridge at Night
Astronomical Clock
View of Old Town Square
View across the Vtlava River including Prague Castle
View from Charles Bridge in the Day

View of the Prague Castle Grounds
Snow Falling on Charles Bridge!

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