Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm A Celebrity...Gets Serious

Having read the news surrounding I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here winner Gino D'Acampo and his fellow contestant Stuart Manning I decided it was worthy of a blog!

The two contestants took part in this years show and during their time in the jungle beheaded and turned a rat into risotto. This happened when the pair were living in exile and therefore were forced to live on inferior rations. Professional Chef, Gino, beheaded, skinned and cooked the rat which the group, including ex Hollyoaks actor Stuart, ate. They now both face criminal charges for animal cruelty as it has emerged that the reality TV show didn't have permission to slaughter the rat, even though the show is based around trials which often see celebrities eating live insects and constant use of animals, such as snakes, to scare them.

According to most newspaper reports, there are codes of conduct in New South Wales, Australia, that dictate how animals can be used and killing a rat is deemed as not acceptable. I know rules are rules and the law is the law etc but this strikes me as quite bizarre as Gino, who went on to be crowned King of the Jungle, had to eat a rhino beetle in one of the bushtucker trials as well as other contestants being subject to tasks involving other insects and animals. But, I guess the key thing here was that the beetle was served to him dead and is therefore allowed?

A statement in a report on the Sky website said that the rules would not relate to insects and grubs which had been eaten in the past. The allegation against the two is that an animal was creully treated, but judging by the fact that the two contestants were on a diet of rice and beans, I think it would be harsh to lay the blame at just their feet. Perhaps having a look at the conduct of ITV and the programmes producers, who put the celebrities in the this position, would be more just?

I am not particularly fond of the programme, or any other reality TV show for that matter, but I do find it bizarre that two people are being penalised for eating a rat on a programme that promotes the eating of kangaroo testicles, among other things!

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  1. I think if there going to keep craping out reality TV shows they need to do something to raise the bar a little. Perhaps something invovling mass amounts of full frontal nudity and explosions. Otherwise they should pack it in and be done with it, I feel like their just beating a dead horse.