Monday, November 16, 2009

Moneyfields FC vs Winchester City FC Match Report

Moneyfields vs. Winchester

Moneyfields Sports and Social Club. 07/11/09

Winchester notched their 11th draw of the season on Saturday as they played out a goalless draw with in form Moneyfields.

Winchester travelled to Moneyfields on the back of a midweek victory to face a side that had lost just once in their last four matches.

City once again lacked the finishing touch as they were unable to capitalise on their dominance and left Moneyfields Sports and Social Club disappointed with just one point.

Winchester’s front man Shane Flooks was guilty of missing his side’s best chance in the first half on the 25-minute mark. Flooks managed to get through on goal but dragged his shot wide from the edge of the Moneyfields area.

Five minutes later, City's Nathan Lynch was causing problems for the opposition defence but squandered the chance by hitting his shot straight at the Moneyfields’ keeper.

Winchester continued to press as half time loomed as Adam ‘Pedro’ George produced a good save from the Moneyfields’ keeper with a curling shot from the edge of the area.

The first half ended goalless with Winchester having failed to take the lead despite their dominance. Moneyfields rarely threatened the City centre backs Guy Butters and Connor McCarthy who produced a solid defensive display.

The second half produced a rather dull affair with both sides having few chances. Winchester’s best chance was in the form of a free kick on the edge of the area which Zak Glasspool sent over the bar.

Winchester boss Stuart Hussey thought his side had deserved the three points;

“Coming away to Moneyfields is never an easy place to come, but over the 90 minutes I think we deserved the win,” said Hussey.

“We’ll go away a little disappointed, but that’s one defeat in 11 for us now, so overall reasonably pleased,” he added.

The result leaves Winchester in 11th place, six points outside their season aim of a top eight finish, whilst Moneyfields are five points better off in 10th place.

Mark Lovell


  1. Hi, long-standing Winchester City fan here.Firstly,thanks for your superb efforts - much needed for City fans because of lack of concern from present owners - see current(non - current) website;read the forum to get a handle on present situation(no doubt you've done so already).The owners have a short term outlook towards club and the trouble is that you probably do as well - a young journalist, it's to be expected. This is not a negative criticism of the excellent work that you've done so far, however, can you tell me how long do you honestly expect to maintain an interest in the club.Not that I would blame you for stopping tommorrow - that's the nature of modern day commitments (there I go again!).Secondly, because the Club can't muster the effort to produce a regularly updated website I've been thinking of ways for the fans to do it themselves.Can you help us set up a fans website where pre and post match City related information - including all the youth and women teams - can been constructed by regular disparate contributions anonymously? The site would be open to everyone, including management and staff, to add purely serious,factual information about the aforesaid(the forum can be used for less concrete and immediate discussion).Recently, we've been getting 'website' info on the Forum, however,this has been achieved only on an ask and receive(if you're lucky - although gratefully received)basis.Thirdly, can you post whole matches on a site and preferrably on the one we're going to set up!Thanks, KS

  2. Hi - Well at the moment the way my course works for my final year is that I operate as sports editor until christmas, but the WINOL website will continue to operate and matches should still be covered. We have a sports team of 5 people at the moment, 4 of which are second years who will be continuing with WINOL so there's a good chance they'll carry it on. Unfortunately what the new sports editor decides to run is out of my control.

    With regards to setting up a website I'm sure I can be of some help, if not I know somebody at Uni who is very good at production side of things. So if you tell me what you were looking to do etc then we could take it from there. Unfortunately we can't put the whole matches up as it would just take such a long time to upload I'm afraid.

    If you email me at then we can discuss anything else further?

  3. Thanks for attending to each of my questions, Mark.I'd prefer to keep my anonymity and discuss matters on this site, if possible - its also open for others to see.I'm very interested in this 'Fan's City Website' idea. The idea came from many different people successfully adding to pre and post match City information to the Forum whilst there was no regular updating or attention to the official Website for the First Team.There may already be a facillity that we can tap into and use or maybe it hasn't been done before,I don't know - I don't have a comprehensive web knowledge.Is it techically achieveable? I like the idea of concrete information being collected by a disparate collection of fan's all with a similar aim.It sounds simple and feasible but depends of course whether 'those in the know' are willing to regularly contribute although it seems as if they would from the Forum posts. Anonymity is important as learnt from the forum, no big-heads just information - a strict rule ( moderator?) -In the spirit of the Forum a great democratic leveller(and achieving quite remarkable results, and not just in football - fingers crossed).The site should be simple,accessible(username and password)and free to maintain(in terms of money not time of course).I've looked at Pitcheroo - it's free but here you have to reveal personal details and I'm not sure how easily accessible the site is to add or amend information.At the moment we just need to know whether there's anything out there that suits our criteria and if not how easy is it to construct. What does your technically minded mate think? Perhaps we could even tie it in with Winchester University Sports Teams - the bigger the better - self perpetuating and supporting.It would be great if you could take this any further - however, I'd understand if it fell through.Thanks again, KS.