Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being an Asthmatic is Officially Cool!

David Beckham LA Galaxy

That's right folks, this week is the week that Asthma has become cool! And it's all down to one person David Beckham!

This week saw the 'revelation' that Golden Balls has Asthma and it sort of got me wondering a few things but most of it all it bought me to the conclusion of, so what? The guy is a superb athlete, a spokesman, a role model, a gent and although I realise he is a world phenomenon I fail to see why this is such a big deal. Of course it signals to many kids growing up with asthma (much like I have done) that being asthmatic needn't stop you from becoming a global sports star (obviously that's the only reason I ply my trade in the Winchester Sunday league and not The Premier League!) But, Becks isn't the only sport's person to have it. As I learnt from various news; Frank Lampard, Paula Radcliffe, Paul Scholes and Rebecca Adlington all have the condition.

I suppose a key part for the publicity is that for many kids that have asthma, using their inhalers when they are playing with friends is sometimes considered a nuisance or 'uncool' and the news that Beckham has it may make more kids more comfortable with using their inhaler etc. Which is great and hopefully it'll just bring good things for the 5.4 million or so sufferers in Britain.

I'm just waiting for the next Beckham billboard where his inhaler is as important as the bottle of Pepsi!!

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