Friday, October 2, 2009

The Ridiculous Side to The Sun...

My last post was about The Sun's power in UK's politics with regards to who is to become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain, but today the same newspaper demonstrated and reminded me of the sort of journalism that it is regularly capable of.

For those of you with today's copy head to page 45 where the headline reads "Are we Gaydees?". Here The Sun is talking about Little Britain's David Walliams and friends posing for a photo after watching fellow Little Britain star Matt Lucas' new theatre play. The main point of this story is that the newspaper's "gay-o-meter" is detecting how homosexual these two are along with celebrity friends Mika, Graham Norton and Sir Ian Mckellen.

A little more info than just five lines about the theatre play might have been useful too!

This just adds to my surprise that the power it has over the race to Number Ten, I shouldn't really be surprised that this type of story is in The Sun, but perhaps I should stick to The Times!

For those of you without a copy of The Sun, check out the story here:

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