Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Return of Frank Turner...

Last night I witnessed what has to be one of the best live shows Winchester has ever seen.Frank Turner returned to Winchester for his biggest home town show to date and the packed Guildhall is a clear indication of his success as a solo artist.

Frank's live shows really are full of energy and with a combination of brilliant songs and witty banter he captivates his audience from start to finish. Last night was a mixture of old songs from his previous Cd's Sleep is for the Week and Love, Ire & Song and tracks from his new album Poetry of the Deed. Frank also threw in a track from his previous band Million Dead called Smiling at Strangers on a train which was a surprising highlight of the show for me.

At first I was sceptical about the full band feel that features on his new stuff but eventually following a mixture of band orientated tracks and acoustic tracks I was blown away. His live presence is really something and he leaves the audience wanting more and from a personal point of view he leaves me wanting to learn to play guitar!

Frank Turner was recently quoted on the London Evening Standard website as saying "live performances are what I live for" and this is clear to see in any of his live shows. Last night he couldn't be faulted and right now I can't think of a reason why anybody wouldn't like Frank Turner.

The image above is from the first Frank Turner gig I went to at the Railway in Winchester in 2008!

Here's Frank's website:

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