Thursday, October 8, 2009

American Advert Slots...

American Politics Poster
After a comment on my blog post, 'The Power of The Sun', I started looking into how American television is used to attack political candidates in the Advertising Slots.

This example is the one posted on the comment of the famous Willie Horton ad used by Bush The First in the 1988 election; The Slots in America are used similarly to the tabloid newspapers here to support or attack political candidates, however the tabloid newspapers in the UK seem friendly compared to some of these ads.

These adverts are just pure negativity from one campaign team against their rivals. In the same way that The Sun has power to make readers vote for a particular candidate, these adverts can draw in the same people (in America) but over the bigger medium of television.

Here's a recent one from President Obama's campaign team against his then rival candidate John McCain:

You'll notice at the end they are personally approved by Barack Obama making this sort of thing common place and a fundamental tactic for American politicians. Due to regulation in the UK, television channels are prohibited from doing such adverts or programmes promoting either side of the political debate, hence the use of the tabloids like The Sun where they don't have to be balanced.

The first link of the Willie Horton ad is probably the most famous but here are some more that I've found...

This one is a news report showing a McCain ad against Obama

The ever popular Mr George W Bush attacking rival John Kerry:

I think I'd take a dressing down by The Sun anyday of the week, wouldn't you?


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